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In light of its mission, Christian Resource Network, Inc. purposes to provide the following ministries:

Teach Ministry
Christian Resource Network, Inc. provides in home bible studies and prayer groups for spiritual enrichment (Free)
If you need to be connected to a bible study or prayer group in your area, place your request here.

The following workshops meet for three to four hours. Please check the website for places and times. If you are a church and will like to sponsor a workshop, please email
1. What is your mission?

In this workshop, you will understand who you are, your gifts and talents, and how to write your personal mission statement.

2. The key, the door, and the way to success
In this workshop, you will use scriptural references to obtain a clear understanding of how the “key,” “the door” and “the way” to success work. You will examine other writings to learn how to open the doors to your success, how to maintain success, and how to have the characteristics of a great leader.

3. Rise Up and Build
In this workshop, we will discuss how to overcome emotions that prevent us from achieving our vision, how to rise up and walk in our purpose, and how to achieve financial independence.

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1. What is your mission?

2. The key, the door, and the way to success

3. Rise up and Build
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